“Each week I attend the Pilates classes with Stefanie. I feel stronger and more powerful. Stefanie started out by showing us all the basics and then moving in to a Pilates flow. The classes are challenging and her technique is nothing less than inspiring. I always look forward to my weekly Pilates fix with Stefanie, she rocks!” Sally

“I would like to thank Stefanie for her pilates lessons. I really like this course..It is amazing, I can feel great energy  after every exercise and Stefanie expresses positive vibes.” Berthe

“Pilates in Central Park is the most enjoyable time of my week. Breathing deeply and reconnecting with my body & mind in a beautiful space is keeping me grounded as well. Stefanie’s method truly helps me enjoy the present moment 🙂 I feel strong inside out already!”Alizay

“The Pilates class with Stefanie in the Park was both very intensive and relaxing. I had to focus on my whole body and on my breathing. Especially the exercises for the little muscles in my back and the stretching parts were very helpful to me. I’m very sad to join only one real class with Stefanie. But back in Switzerland I’ll do the workouts with her videos. They are amazing, too. I need Pilates with Stefanie for my active lifestyle!” Simone

“I enjoy my weekly Pilates class and I can see and feel the benefits from the workouts. It’s convenient for me to bring my little one to the class and in mean time I can do a great workout.

And I love to do the pilates class outside in the fresh air.” Debora

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