Are you ready to connect with me?

For me that means engaging your body and mind.  If you desire a relaxed, strong body, a calm and positive mind, you’re in the right place. A body and mind that generates more energy, passion and joy for you. That’s what really matters.

Let me explain here what this is all about.
With my family I recently moved from Switzerland to New York. What I often see on both places is that we are all exhausted and don’t have enough energy to enjoy our daily live and have fun! We need to save time and space for us to reconnect to ourselves. We deserve that.
I will show you that it does work and how. With many years of experience in teaching Pilates as a certified Pilates Instructor and Swimming for every age, along with my background with a Master degree in Exercise and Health Sciences, I know how to guide you.
My Pilates program releases energy inside you, increases your strength and impacts your wellbeing in a positive way. You’re going to experience so much more energy that will motivate you to create the life you want and to do more fun activities. No more feeling tired!

And you can do it, too.  I have created a program for you that will work beautifully with your lifestyle no matter what you do.  We will connect body and mind and feel them as one unit. Get ready for incredible benefits to follow.

Best for you is to start a class with me. We’ll learn the details and I will also challenge your body. But don’t worry you’ll soon see the progress! In between our classes I support you with online videos you can find here. Feel free to contact me below for more information about current classes and private sessions. I love to motivate you to become strong, flexible and relaxed and to live in a healthy and happy body.

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I will support you with email to make sure you get every episode. That will benefit you. Your whole body will feel the changes very quickly, you’ll feel better in the body and you  look awesome! I’m blessed to guide you and excited to have you in my community.


P.S. click here for my Introduction Video