10 helpful, healthy Tips and a new Class!

Welcome everybody,

(Spelling mistakes included ☺️:🇨🇭swissgerman in 🇺🇸)!

It’s my honor to share with you tips about an active, healthy and joyful lifestyle. As an expert in the health and exercise field, it’s my passion to live the best life!

Today I like to share with you 10 simple and easy steps to live your day with a lot more power and energy. I found those 10 steps on a poster from h.u.m.a.n., healthy vending.com

Here are the ten ways for a healthy lifestyle from helathyvending.com and my personal interpretations:

  1. Stay away from Fast Food: Or limit the consume of fast Food for maximum once per week.
  2. Say No to Junk Food, especially SODA. My tip: Avoid the Soda, chips and ice-cream department in the grocery store.
  3. Limit time spend in front of the TV. For example don’t turn the TV on before 6pm (that was the rule when I grew up and still is a rule to us).
  4. Get outside and be active for 60 min/day. For example walk your kids to school and back, leave a station  earlier and walk to work. Go for a walk and break during lunchtime. And there is no bad weather as an excuse, there are only the wrong clothes.
  5. Maintain a well balanced diet with proteins, whole grains, fruit and vegetables. See the Food Plate in my previous blog post.
  6. Choose natural&organic foods.
  7. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.
  8. Develop a positive attitude. Life feels much easier with a positive attitude!
  9. Get at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night. It’s so important for our general energy level. Studies show that people with a lack of sleep eat more, especially sugar, during the day.
  10. Encourage others by setting a good example.

What is the hardest point for you? Where are you good at? Where is your desire to change your habits?

Let me know by leaving a comment. If you’d like more information, don’t hesitate to contact me. I love to get in touch with you on this topic! contact me here

With Maximum-Motion Fitness in Jersey City  I’ll start a new class next Tuesday: Post Natal Pilates. So if you gave birth recently please read here the details of the class:

click here to sign up go to schedule and look for the Tuesday post Natal class.

“During pregnancy and childbirth your body went through many physiological changes. This class is designed to help you to restore and re-train the muscles that were affected by those changes and help gradually work your way back to the best shape you can be. Stefanie will help you to safely regain your abdominal strength and control of the pelvic floor as well as upper body legs and arms to help you get ready to lift and carry your growing baby or toddler. There will also be muscular stretch and release moves that will help ease tension in the muscles of the neck and upper back. Other benefits include: better posture, social interaction, an overall sense of wellbeing, and more easeful and efficient breathing. Babies and Toddlers welcome. Classes are suitable 8 weeks after delivery (if no complications) or 10 weeks after a caesarean section.”

Feel free to let your neighbor or friend know about the class in Jersey City.

click here to join the class

Did you check my free online workouts this week? click here to choose a workout




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