Are you Hungry? Take a look at the Food Plate!

First of all, I’d like to share a new Pilates workout with you.

click here for a new Pilates workout

It’s a fun and a tough one. We won’t need a mat but socks instead.

And I have some additional news I want to share with you. I started work at Maximum Motion Fitness here in Jersey City. A beautiful space. I love the atmosphere there. They offer a variation of classes , workshops and trainings.. All classes are high in quality. You can figure out more about the Gym and even book a class (with me 🙂 )on Maximum-Motion
The owner from the Gym asked me, beside teaching Pilates, to implement a new Nutrition Program. I’m so thrilled about that Nutrition Program. It’s a huge topic. And it’s challenging to keep it simple and fun! I’m trying my very best.
What means Nutrition to you? For me it’s more than eating or eating less etc. Actually it’s nourishing our body with a good choice of food. With healthy food, with not proceeded food, with seasonal food, with a variation of food.

How does your plate look like?

Please find by clicking the link the Food Plate:


The Food Plate:

biggest part on the Plate are vegetables!
grains and proteins make together half of the plate. Try then to choose good Proteins and healthy grains.  Add whole grain to your plate more often!
Don’t forget the fruits! Enjoy them in your breakfast bowl or as a snack!

Take care of your plate is one step you can apply immediately! Try it today and let me know how it works for you in the comments below.

Enjoy your meal!

If you can’t wait and you’d like to try a new recipe here is one site I can suggest:
While joining this workout you help yourself keeping the balance of calorie intake and consumption!

Click here for the workout



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