3 simple tips to help your Immune System

(Spelling mistakes included ☺️:🇨🇭swissgerman in 🇺🇸)!

click here for a Pilates Plank workout

Fall is here and I can’t wait to walk through the leaves on the ground while listening to the rustling sound!
Also I would love to take the kids to a farm for apple picking!
What’s your favorite fall activity?

Fall is the season to help our immune system to become strong for the winter. Here 3 simple tips:

– choose healthy foods, with a lot of vegetables. I just cooked a chicken broth (soup) for the family. Fruits with a lot of vitamin C like Oranges, Grapefruits, Kiwis, Berries are good for us, too!

– Go outdoors! Stay warm when you’re outdoors.The air is better than the dry indoor air! The blood gets more fresh oxygen from being outdoors.

– Stay active and move your body! Maybe it takes more motivation to do the training. But it’s proven that physical activity strengthens your immune system.  I support you to start today with a Plank workout! click here for a 6 min Plank workout

It will only take you 6 minutes to train your whole body in different Plank positions! Your body, mind and immune system will feel stronger afterwards!
If you feel very strong, do the workout twice in a row! Yeahhhh!!!

What about outdoor fall Pilates classes? click here to join a class in Central Park or Newport, Jersey City

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