Be joyful – as often as possible

How do you feel after a workout? We already discussed earlier how working out helps us to feel good.

We can go further and say to do only things they make us feel good. Or to feel good while doing something.

Bring a big smile with you while doing my new Pilates workout!

click here for the workout

And Joy will follow!

Joy is here, available for all of us. We can use it!

Try to feel joyful and more joyful experiences will follow!

And when you feel comfortable in your body after the workout it’s even easier to feel the beautiful joy in life.

I often wonder when I’m walking on the street or to a subway station why aren’t people smiling or laughing more often? It’s such an easy accessible medicine! And it will make us and the world feel happier!

Sometimes my daughters are able to bring a smile on those people’s faces. Just by walking in all their pink and colored clothes and singing on the street. And jumping for Joy. I love it and I hope we can sometimes be more like kids, too:-).

What do you think?. How can we bring more Joy into the world? you can leave a comment here.

Feel free to get information about my classes and contact me below. You’ll benefit physically and emotionally in a positive way!

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