Exercises for a relaxed night sleep

Sometimes it’s hard to calm down and to relax at night. Find here a workout that helps you to fall asleep more easy.

click here for the workout

We’ll be doing a lot of rolling and unrolling exercises for the spine. The back becomes more flexible and comfortable immediately.
The focus on deep, slow and mindful breathing helps to relax the body and  to calm your mind. Stress from the day will disappear!

All that helps to fall asleep easier and faster.

Try to do this workout before you go to bed! If you wake up during the night, you can even do the exercises in your bed. click for the workout

The exercises helped me to overcome my jet lag easier. I made them before I went to bed and during the day whenever I felt tired. I’m happy to share some exercises with you!
Enjoy the workout and have a great night afterwards!

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