“The women with the strongest legs…”

Find here a new free Pilates workout

As you know from earlier posts, I really believe that our body and mind are connected. That means if you train your body, your mind will benefit as well. I can feel that after doing a workout and also the ancient Greeks knew that. Here is  what Dr. Christiane Northrup says:

“Women with the strongest legs have the best  brains because the brain meridian actually runs through the hamstrings. So it goes back to the old Greek: strong mind and a strong body.” – Christiane Northrup, M.D.

Those are good news, aren’t they? I’m even happier to share this week workout with you. As we’ll benefit as a whole!

click here to start the Pilates exercises

It’s important for your motivation to know why you’re doing  Pilates. The results you’ll feel after doing the exercises will motivate you to keep on moving in a healthy way. How did you feel afterwards? How did you benefit? Did your state of mind improve? Could you feel a new body awareness afterwards?

I hope this Pilates workout will help you! A strong body is connected to a strong mind!

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