Enough Sleep for more (workout) Energy

Do you feel like having enough energy to start your workout? Wether I feel good, motivated and energized during a day depends on how much I slept.

And I know that I need at least 7 hours of sleep. After the 7 hours I feel recovered and I can start the day easily. How much sleep do you need? If you’re not sure or it’s different every night, try to write your sleep habits down.

The sleepeducation also recommends 7 hours sleep at night. If you need more tips click here for more information about a better sleep.

With enough sleep you’ll have enough energy to do the new workout! It’s that easy!

For this week you’ll click here for a new Pilates workout for running, hiking and walking. If you feel comfortable with the first video for runners, you can combine both workouts together! Two videos become one workout!
here you can find the first running workout video. 

Start after a relaxed night sleep!

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