The perfect To Do list

Behind every action there should be a purpose! What is your purpose to start Pilates workouts? I’ll let you know mine in the video!

And watch here a new Pilates workout for this week. Do it with purpose!

I struggle with To Do lists. They always have a negative touch to me. They sound like “you have to do”!

Does that sound familiar to you?

During my daily kitchen cleaning routine I often listen to an inspiring video, radio show or podcast. Last week I listened to a workshop from Tony Robbins. As a motivational speaker he was talking about the To Do list.

Here is what I learned and immediately implemented into my daily life and want to share with you:

  • capture all your to do’s
  • categorize them or create clusters. I built clusters  for kids stuff, household, business and  me
  • ask those 3 important questions to each task: 1.What do I really want (result), 2. Why do I need what I want (purpose), 3. What do I need to do (massive Action Plan)?
  • Then plan the Action: What is a must? Minimum/Maximum Time

Here is an example I made for doing laundry:

Category household, 3 questions to answer:

1. What do I really want (end result)? clean, fresh clothes back in the closet.

2.Why Do I need that (purpose)? We want to reuse our clothes. And we like good smelling, clean clothes.

3. What actions: put laundry in washing machine, put them in the drier. Fold them.

Is it a must? I still have clothes in my closet. So it isn’t a must for today!!I choose to do laundry today!  I don’t have to do laundry today!! That’s a big difference.

Time: folding takes about 45 minutes

It’s not that hard to do laundry. Isn’t it? I often struggled with it. But now I know the purpose behind my action. And I know in that moment I choose to do it. It makes something simple like doing laundry so more meaningful and easier!

What about you?

I did it with all my stuff for the day.

Let me know your examples in the comments below. I’m sure we all can learn from each other as I could learn from Tony Robbins.

watch here Tony Robbin’s video

watch here the Pilates workout


2 thoughts on “The perfect To Do list

  1. Thanks for the new opinion regarding the to do lists. Sometimes there are things that we think we have to do immediately but if we reflect, they don’t seem such important anymore. So we can avoid a lot of stress and pressure if we could say sometimes “NO…i don’t have to ….”!naturally I have to pay my invoices ..but who cares about it if I clean the bathroom now,tomorrow or just in 3 days?nobody!so my advice is: don’t create a to do list with things that you think that others could expect from you(like: oh my windows have to be clean then maybe Mr.Xy will visit me tomorrow and then maybe he would like to see clean windows..) . Do only a to do list whit really important things….important things for you!:)


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