Summertime is Swimming time

In summer we and especially the kids love water! Watch this video to learn how to  teach your child, grandchild, nephew or niece, neighbor etc how to swim. In this week video my family and I will show you the basics to learn how to swim. It makes swimming safer and easier.

click here for the kids swimming video

It’s a step by step learning video.

It’s easy to follow.

It’s about the basic swim instructions.

It’s possible for a preschooler or kindergartner to learn the steps during one summer, or during summer vacation.

Be patient with your child, give support as long as needed.

Practice one step after the other.

Watch your child ALL THE TIME! All responsibility is up to you.

Have fun! We had a great family time while practicing swimming!

Be sure you watch till the very end. In the Bonus track you’ll learn how to improve your freestyle technique!

I’m more than curious how it worked out for you. Did you enjoy the swimming together? Let me know in the comments or email!

Contact me here for private swimming lessons and Pilates classes:




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