Change the way you feel while doing Pilates

During our busy days it takes some efforts to start a workout. It’s more comfortable to sit on the couch and watch TV, for example.

But our body needs its daily movement. The workouts I create for you are short. You can do them at home, so it’s comfortable. My Pilates workouts move the body in a way that generates  energy. Energy you can use for your daily life! You will go and feel deep inside your body. And in every exercise the whole body is involved.

Pic #6
click here for a new Pilates workout

You will feel a strong, more flexible and relaxed body after the workouts. That impacts your wellbeing. After a workout most of my students and myself feel happier, proud of ourselves and peaceful inside us.
Observe yourself today, how do you feel before and after the workout? And in what way Pilates changes the way you feel?
Would be awesome to hear the changes from you in the comments below.

That’s what my Deep Connection Pilates is about: Go deep into your body and from there connect body and mind.

Have fun with the workout!

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