It’s time for YOU

Congrats that you take time for YOURSELF!

And that you’re committed to take care of YOURSELF. It’s so important for us to charge our batteries. Only then we are powerful  in family life, job etc.!

With less than 15 minutes pilates workout you’re able to workout your whole body. Our body we live in is worth to take care of. The earlier we start the better and easier it is. Don’t wait till you have to change!


click here for your workout

Sometimes it’s difficult to find a time slot for ourself during a busy day. It was a challenge for me,too!

As we moved from Switzerland to NYC 8 month ago, there is no more family around me who supports us. The two little daughters keep me busy. We do have a lot of fun together.

But I need time for myself.

For me it sounds like an excuse to say I don’t have time because…

So I decide to wake myself up 1 hour before the family in the mornings. 

Can you image the peace that surrounds me? And I do whatever feels right for me:go for a walk, read a book, write an email, do a short workout, write, meditate… The 1 hour makes my day longer  and gives me more space!

It was a change for me. And changes are always challenging. We get used to our normal daily life. It takes effort and energy to make a change. But if the change is for YOU, it is always worth.

So now I’m curious to learn from YOU.

What do you do for YOURSELF? 

And when do you find time for YOURSELF?

We can share our ideas in the comments or on fb. Because what is right for you may be helpful for somebody else. We can learn from each other!

Have a wonderful time!

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