Keep on moving



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For this week , I recommend you to schedule your workout. We’re busy during our week. But I’m sure you can find space for yourself.

First check your schedule. Then make sure what day and time is best for your to schedule  15minutes. 

Are you an early bird, then you’d love to do the Pilates first thing in the morning. Or you have the chance during lunchtime or naptime, then reserve 15 minute for yourself. Or you prefer doing the training in the evenings? No problem, just schedule it at your favorite time and then make the commitment to really do it!

It’s just great to have this flexibility, isn’t it?

click here for your Pilates workout #2

What I experience is that I sometimes have a excuse not to do my workouts. Then I remember how my workouts make me feel fantastic afterwards. I’m back in my body, did exercises my body needs and my mind becomes calmer. That reminds me to start immediately.

I’m sure you’ll feel better afterwards than you felt before! More comfortable and more relaxed in your body. It works and I show you how!
Enjoy and be happy!

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